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At Catawba Valley Obedience Club, we consider each other family. If you love your dog, and are interested in enriching their life, we'd love to have you become a part of our family, too!

How to become a member of Catawba Valley Obedience Club
Catawba Valley Obedience Club - Celebrating 40 Years!

If you are interested in becoming a member of CVOC, great! Potential new members need to have completed a course with CVOC or met with CVOC for an evaluation. Then, fill out the New Member application form online. Once the application and dues have been submitted, the potential new member will be welcomed at the next monthly club meeting where they will be introduced to other club members. The club will take a vote on accepting the new member. The new member will be notified of the result.




Catawba Valley Obedience Club Training, Hickory NC


Want to take one of our training classes?
Start the process by taking one of our training classes. See our schedule of classes, and sign up for a class - or two - here.





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