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 Demonstrating that the dog, as a companion to man, can be a respected member of the community.    We provide positive, reward-based, motivational training.     


General Information (Includes specific information about current classes, programs and events):

Sue, Ingle                            828 - 464 - 5739               Email Sue                

Class Registration:

Sue Ingle                             828 - 464 - 5739                 Email Sue

AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluators:

Suzanne Hefner                 828 - 408 - 6383                Email Suzanne

Therapy Dogs International - General Information and Testing

Certified TDI Evaluator: Joan Schwanz                         Email Joan

Please contact: Joan Schwanz, MD; TDI Evaluator, Teammate Lake Norman Sooper Trooper (Trooper - Chocolate Lab), CGC, TDI, THDN, RN, RA, Dock Junior