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Members of the Catawba Valley Obedience Club are dog owners, breeders, trainers and exhibitors who meet weekly to train and socialize their dogs.

Our purpose is to promote the advancement of well-behaved dogs and responsible dog ownership. CVOC is a non-profit organization founded in 1981. All our instructors are volunteers.
Catawba Valley Obedience Club - Celebrating 40 Years!

Our ObjectivesCatawba Valley Obedience Club Training, Hickory NC

  • To promote and further the advancement of well-trained dogs, sound of body and mind.
  • To improve the training skills of the members in the training of their dogs.
  • To promote cooperation and good sportsmanship among the members in the training and exhibition of dogs.
  • To sponsor and promote education and training activities for all dogs in the Catawba Valley area.
  • To promote proper dog care for the general public in the Catawba Valley area.
  • To conduct obedience matches, demonstrations, and exhibitions.
  • To promote and support legislation that specifically maintains our individual rights as dog owners and that which continues our ability to attend and exhibit at any and all dog-relation sporting, performance and other events.


MembershipCatawba Valley Obedience Club Training, Hickory NC

Membership is open to all that are interested in obedience training. Owners who have not previously titled a dog in obedience are required to enroll in the next available beginners obedience class as a pre-requisite to membership.

We have four types of Membership:
- Individual (18 years of age and above)
- Family
- Junior (Under 18 years of age - membership and class applications must be signed by parent or guardian)
- Senior (62 years of age and above- see fee schedule for discount). 

As a volunteer organization, we request that all members assist with set up and break down of the training area before and after each class.

All classes, except the first beginners class, are voluntary and discounted to club members as indicated on the class schedule. The City of Hickory Fee does apply to members and public alike. A part of the initial class session is a behavior evaluation. We cannot accept dogs with aggression issues. Please be sure to review our Etiquette statement.


Meeting InformationCatawba Valley Obedience Club Training, Hickory NC

We train every Thursday evening starting at 6:45 PM  to 8:45 PM inside Foothills Gymnastics. Exceptions for holidays or special events are announced.

A business meeting is held at Foothills Gymnastics starting promptly at 7:00 PM on the 1st Thursday of the month. Regular training follows immediately after the meeting.



CVOC takes training etiquette very seriously.  Polite behavior on the part of both the dog and handler is expected. Be sure to read our Etiquette statement.


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